Chapter List: An Index To Jim Burneson's Observations

Chapter 1: 18th District Court “Justice Denied 1999-2009.

Chapter 1A: Years of Mismanagement of the Dam East.

Chapter 2: Involves County Judge Ruddick, Jeffrey Lane Esq.

Chapter 2A: County Court Case No. B00c404

Chapter 3: Actions Of Judge Leopold, Supreme Court Judge Malarkey, Judge Sylvester

Chapter 6: Motion for Court to Vacate Order to Deny Request to Open Books

Chapter 7: State Farm And Other Insurance Companies Double Dipping In HOAs

Chapter 8: Vengeful HOA/COA & Justice Denied

Chapter 9: Senate Bill 06-89. Senate And House Votes Without Reading The Bill.

Chapter 9B: Sixty-fifth General Assembly Senate Bill 06-089

Chapter 10: Letter To Magistrate Petrie About HOA Files

Chapter 11: CASE NO. B04C4421 Transcript Of Tape Recorded Proceedings

Chapter 12: Case Number: 07 CV 1609 Copy Court Transcript

Chapter 12A: Copy Of Transcript Of Case Management Conference Held February 13, 2008

Chapter 12A2: Case No. 07 CV 1609 Transcript Of Digitally Recorded Proceedings

Chapter 12A3: Plaintiff’s Updated Motion To Review Actions Taken By The Court At The February 13, Case Management Hearing.

Chapter 12B: Plaintiff Recues Jeffrey Lane From Representing The Dam East Homeowner Association Affidavit

Chapter 12C: Case Number: 07 CV 1609 Court Order Sixteen Pages Long

Chapter 12D: Case Number: 07 CV 1609

Chapter 12E: Case Number: 07 CV 1609 Plaintiff Rescues Jeffrey Lane From Representing The Dam East (Copy)

Chapter 12F: Case Number: 07 CV 1609 Court Order

Chapter 12G: Case Number: 07 CV 1609 Plaintiff Motion To Hold This Court To Statue 13-5-136 Forfeit Of Salary

Chapter 12H: Plaintiff’s Request This Court Explain How Mr. Lane Will Be Prevented From Committing Suborn Perjury In This Court Trial

Chapter 13: Letter Notice Of Annual Meeting This October 2007.

Chapter 14AB: Dirty Tricks By Property Managers, Lawyers And Incompetent Directors.

Chapter 14B: How To Protect Yourself From HOA Property Managers, Association Attorneys And Incompete Board Of Directors.

Chapter 14C: Earl Johnson Is One Of The Property Managers For This Company.

Chapter 15:How To Run An HOA Without Property Managers And Lawyers.

Chapter 16: What To Review Before You Buy Into An HOA.

Chapter 17: Case No. B04C4421 Transcript of Digitally Recorded Proceedings.

Chapter 19: Jim Burneson Sentenced 31 Days in Jail For Calling HOA President a "Tort Twister"

Chapter 20: Transcript Of Digitally Recorded Court Proceedings Motion To Review Actions Taken By The Court At The February 13, Case Management Hearing Require Judge Spencer To Recuse Herself.

Chapter 20B: Request Court To Grant 3 Motions Stated Above For The Following Reasons:

Chapter 20C: Plaintiff Recluses Jeffrey Lane From Representing The Dam East Homeowner Association Affidavit.

Chapter 21: Case No. 99 Cv 2067 Transcript Of Tape Recorded Proceedings.

Chapter 22: Denver City And County Jail Denver Infirmary Is Not Used To Provide Medical Treatment Of Inmates.

Chapter 25: Letter To Governor Ritter.

Chapter 26: Letter To Cherry Creek Management.

Chapter 27: Benefit / Impact Analysis Proposed Dam East Fence Project South Peoria Street & East Yale Avenue.

Chapter 29: Copy of the Official Complaint Filed Over The Internet with the City Of Aurora.

Chapter 30: Copy of the Official Complaint Filed Over The Internet with the City Of Aurora

Chapter 32: Dismiss Stipulation Letter Dated December 3, 2007 And Dismiss PPO With Prejudice.

Chapter 33: The People Deserve The Government They Voted In Office.

Chapter 34: Jeffrey Lane Sends An Unethical Email Threat To Defendant Mr. Burneson. A Complaint Is Filed With The Colorado Supreme Court

Chapter 34A: Attorney Regulation Counsel Approves Lanes Email

Chapter 35: Colorado Supreme Court (By Means Of It’s Agency “attorney Regulation Counsel”) Approves Jeffrey Lane’s Email Threat For All Attorneys To Use Against Litigating Opponents

Chapter 36: Jeffrey Lane’s efforts to find a rollover judge to win his litigation

Chapter 37: Immigration And Reform Act Of 1986. 2.5 Million Illegal Mexicans were granted Citizenship. Ted Kennedy and John McCain promised to build the Mexican Wall and failed on their promise.

Chapter 38: Denver Women’s Correctional Facilities.

Chapter 39: Litigating History Of Ex-Magistrate Jeffrey Lane Esq.

Chapter 40: HOA Ordered To Use Invalid Collections Policies And Procedures.

Chapter 41: Morgan Carroll’s Second Scam Bill 1278.

Chapter 44: How Much Do Illegal Mexicans Cost Colorado Taxpayers For Their Childrens Education?

Chapter 45: Perjury Is Not Enforced In Civil Court.

Chapter 46: Judge Adams and Jeffrey Lane work together Ex Parte to deny a Motion.

Chapter 47: City of Aurora Sham Fence Dam East.

Chapter 48: Defendant-Appellant Responds To Court’s Order To Show Cause Dated 4-21-10.

Chapter 49: Chief Judge Sylvester, Jeffrey Lane is Emotionally Involved and can’t be involved in litigation against the Burneson’s.

Chapter 51: How Wrong is the Dam East Homeowners Association?

Chapter 56: Summary (32 pages.)

Chapter 70: Motion Filed To Stop Jeffrey Lane From Setting Up A Trial To Put Jiim Burneson To Jail Without A Plaintiff’s Complaint. *

Miscellaneous Supporting Documents


Immigration Act

18th Dist Court Justice Denied (html)

18th District Court of Arapaho County Colorado



Attached Collection PP

Attorney Reg Counsel Approves Lanes Email

Attorney Reg Counsel

Benefit Impact Analysis Edited By JWB Benefit_Impact_Analysis Judge Stuart Letter Judge Adams Denial Motion

Letter to Broaddus

Motion Rule 19

Motion to Dismiss

Motion PPO Expired