Council Ethiopian Vacation Boondogle

City Council Of Aurora Trip To Ethiopia Paid For By Aurora Tax Payers

For No Benefit To The Voters.

A round trip airfare from Denver to  Addada Ababa Ethiopia according to American Airlines for one person $10,986.  This airfare for 10 out of 11 City Council members comes to $109,850.00 City Council has refused to provide the remaining costs for hotels, food, liquor and incidentals on unknown number of days of the trip.  So I will estimate these costs until the City Staff releases my demand for the actual costs under Open Records Act request,

Estimate Total 10 Council members cost of trip to Ethiopia
Hotel costs 5 days $120.00 per day for one person. $600.00
Food per Day Breakfast $20.00, Lunch $40.00, and Dinner $85.00
One person food cost times 5 days $725.00
Intercity transportation One person $20.00 X 5 days $100.00
Sub cost one person 5 days $1,425.00
Total costs 10 council members   $1,425.00 times 5 days = $7,125.00
Ten Council members Total $71,250.00
Plus 10 Council members airfare $109,850.00
Grand Total $181,100.00


What in the Hell did the Taxpayers get from this trip by City Council? Were they trying to open an immigration office to offer citizenship to Ethiopian citizens in Aurora?

I want answers from each member of City Council and from the City Manager Noe who should have stopped this trip. City Attorney Mike Hyman also must explain where he was when this trip was being planned.

Both City Attorney and City Manager needs to be fired and each persons pension plan cancelled. Each individual involved with this trip needs to personally reimburse the taxpayers of Aurora individual costs incurred for the trip.

If my estimates listed above are out of line then lets see a copy of the individual charges each council members’ submitted to the Treasurer for reimbursement.    Molly Marker is not to be reimbursed any costs for her trip (to guard used eye glasses) as an excuse for her returned trip to Ethiopia.

This scam pulled off   by Aurora City Council to Ethiopia is enough evidence to stop all construction of Gaylord, before Colorado tax money has been transferred to Poland.  A total audit of Gaylord construction payments to date must be identified to the penny by a CPA criminal audit exposed by the States Attorney General Ms. Coffman. No subcontractors that were involved in the past VA Hospital construction scam should be hired to be involved in any planned construction of Gaylord. City of Aurora doesn’t need another construction scandal like the VA Hospital triple costs that still isn’t resolved.  An immediate response is needed for the Citizens of Aurora and the Denver Post.

James Burneson
11608 E Florida Ave
Aurora, CO 80012

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An Inexpensive Solution For Our Immigration Problem

20,000,000 Illegal Invading Mexicans and other Illegals can be returned to their respective countries paid for by the Mexican Peso or respective currencies within five years. Why can’t Congress easily solve the immigration problem without spending Billions of Dollars? The very survival of or nation is at stake and aggressive action must be taken. The solution is a simple one

I call this simple solution “The Burneson Plan”

All non-citizen Mexicans and other illegal foreign nationals as they are discovered should be mandated to be photographed and fingerprinted. Our local police, Border Patrol, or immigration authorities must be further required determine their legal status. If deemed illegal they must be required to be detained for one week, handcuffed together and delivered weekly to the Mexican or other respective embassies and consulates. They would also, during this process be put  in a open database, networked to all government and law enforcement agencies.

This perfectly legal since they are not citizens, are not protected by our laws, have no Constitutional rights. Foreign embassy grounds are not U.S. territory, but are the territory of the various countries. This is where these invaders belong, if they have over-stayed their visas.

The Mexican and other governments can’t turn their own citizens away and they can’t release them out the back door, since we have proof of their illegal existence before they are returned to the embassies and have recorded and identified them and put them in a open database, networked to all Government and law enforcement agencies.

The simple procedure can be done without more than a week in jail. No courts have jurisdiction and legal recourse does not exist or is it required. Democrat lawyers by law have no right to profit off of government or advocacy organizational funds to defend non-Citizens.

 Upon adoption, an order should be issued that within 90 days illegal Mexicans and other foreign nationals must return their country of origin to allow them to prepare for the move. After three months, if arrangements by Illegals are not made to return, or they have been improperly released by their embassy, when rearrested or discovered, the country of origin will incur $1,500 charge to the Mexican or other respective government for reimbursement for airfare to country of origin. This may be paid in U.S. Dollars, petroleum, gold, or assessed by a subtraction from foreign aid dollars.

There are millions of illegal’s on record we know about and the rest can be found quickly if the Democrats and organizations get out of the way of this effort unburden our economy and preserve our nation.

At the same time, we need to heavily publicize internationally that proof of citizenship must be required for all transfer payments by state and national funded welfare programs and emphasize strict sanctions issued for transgressing illegals or government officials.

A sizable number of police units and yes, National Guard units, must be stationed at all border crossings to confiscate all stolen cars, other goods, products, and U .S. Dollars in excess of $10,000 (drug money?),  from Illegal Mexicans, Canadians, and others trying to transport stolen goods into Mexico or Canada on their way out. Illegal and legal US Citizens and foreign nationals are crossing back into Mexico and Canada with millions of dollars of cars and other stolen products and no one is checking for ownership.

How dumb does Congress have to be to not develop a solution that doesn’t cost billions to solve????

If you like this proposal or have other suggestions; Send them to Send a copy of this email to friends and your Representatives in Congress.  This simple solution could be the least expensive method of deporting Mexicans and other illegal nationals who would be volunteering to leave at their own expense or their own governments expense. This approach should remove all illegals living here within 5 years. 

 Of course the first action needed by our government would be the construction of a wall along the Mexican border cost to be shared equally by both the US and Mexico, assuring the border is sealed.

Any elected officials who resist these suggestions must to be turned out of office. To make this work there must be costly fines and sanctions levied against the governments of origin, Illegal invaders in our country, and any US elected official who acts to countervail existing immigration laws.

James Burneson.

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Open Letter City Council, Mayor Noe & Atty. Hyman

TO: City Council Members, City Manager Noe and City Attorney Mike Hyman Office.

Subject 1. C.R.S section 24-72-204(3)(a)(IX) denial Open Public Records Act.

At Issue what price per gallon was Aurora Water sold to Niagara Bottling L.L.C? The sole purpose for this sale of Aurora water in plastic bottles by Niagara and sell for a profit across the US. Nothing in the quoted law above can defeat an Open Public Records request.

A. Why is the sales price charged a commercial purchaser (Niagara Bottling Company) of Aurora Water a secret? Lets open all the prices of all commercial sales sold by the City of Aurora for the last three years. That’s right Open Public Records Act requires full disclosure of what the Citizens of Aurora’s water is being sold by the gallons. How many commercial buyers get a break in a lower price for their water than citizens of Aurora residential use? Anyone on City Council getting a kick back for reduced commercial prices? We citizens have to carry the burden of three day watering during a draught while all commercial buyers can run their water to fill bottles without a reduction in their production. Lets learn how much all hotels including Gaylord will pay for full time water with no interruptions for three day watering during a drought.

B. By what vote and by whom and when was the vote take to pass the section law listed above? What is the purpose to be accomplished by hiding all commercial rates of purchase of Aurora water a secret? Does this law protect the commercial buyers or the City of Aurora Council Members or both? I have learned when a city government has rules to provide secrecy it’s for the purpose of hiding a crooked deal. I have had a verbal conversation with a member of the city legal staff who refused to clarify any reason for this law as if God wrote it. Laws passed by City Council have to have a written explanation for why it was necessary to exist.

2. I Demand an audit of all expenses charged for the round trip to Ethiopia by all Council Members and any other staff members included in this trip. This includes Molly’s late trip to delivery used eye glasses. The expenses are to be itemized all in collusive of air fare, hotel rooms, food, beverages and any donations made to any Ethiopian charities. In colluded in this request is a reason this trip will benefit the taxpayer citizens of Aurora. In my opinion the entire total of all expenses must be reimbursed by the participants for lack of a valid reason tax money was expended for a boondoggle rip-off of taxpayers’ money for fun and pleasure of those who spent the money. That’s not why City Council or any other staff member holds an office in the City of Aurora. I hold City Manager Noe 100 percent responsible for this scam and he needs to be fired immediately when no reason can be stated to justify the Ethiopian trip. How many days in Ethiopian was spent on this trip including flight time there and back?

This requested email was sent on this date and an answer or a meeting set to explain answers needs can be provided by February 15, 2016.

Trying to hide by not replying with legitimate answers will just make these issue worse.

James Burneson
11608 E Florida Ave
Aurora, CO

This letter will be posted on the internet (Justice Denied)

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Latest On City Of Aurora & Gaylord Boondogle

The GAYLORD PROJECT is the biggest boondoggle with no benefits to the citizens of Aurora. It will steal our water when we are in a drought for the purpose of having a 245 acre lake which no one is allowed to use unless they rent a room at Gaylord.

The entire city council of Aurora needs to be recalled for any support they give to ex city attorney Richardson‘s efforts to get a Polish National Country developer the money to build Gaylord. It’s my opinion Richardson has future employment staked out if Gaylord has a future using state funds to build for a Polish Developer. As State legislators you can’t be dumb enough to support this future scandal that will tie your name to this year’s biggest scam for State funds in the history of Aurora Council and State of Colorado

Steve Hogan’s election handout claims 10,000 construction jobs to build Gayload which disappear after the construction is finished. He also promises 2,500 employees which for the most part will not be Aurora Residents but will be transferred from other hotels where trained workers will be transferred.

A no vote for Charles Richardson and Steve Hogan is a vote for the independent residents of Aurora. This is a chance to save our water and tax money for the citizens of Aurora and stop a non replaceable precious water supply we bought for our residential citizens of Aurora.

You next step is to call your representative at City Council; and ask why the sale of Gayload has not been announced to the public before this election? 

James W. Burneson


It will steal our water when we are in a drought all for the purpose of having a 245 acre lake which no one is allowed to use unless they rent a room at Gaylord. The entire City Council of Aurora needs to be recalled for any support they give to ex city attorney Richardson’s efforts to get a Polish National Country developer to build Gaylord with 404 M$ from our tax revenue .

 Years past I was in San Diego when there was drought. The Residents of San Diego were restricted to one shower a week and stand in a tub to collect shower water for use to water plants. This restriction on the residents was to save water for the hotel industry in San Diego so tourists renting rooms could shower unrestricted. 

I have asked the City of Aurora what is our water reserve is now this week (Oct 19, 2015) and City Council including Steve Hogan has refused to give that number out. I had a hydraulic engineer give me an estimate how much would a 1500 unit hotel with 14 restaurants use in a year.  This is without a 245 acre lake.  The number is estimated at 1,200,000 gallons. This must be why City Council refuses to advise what our court reserve is without a Gaylord Lake.

James W. Burneson  Published on the Internet at

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Gaylord Boondoggle – Continued.

City Council of Aurora
George K Noe, City Manager
Copy of Incentive Agreement
Gaylord Entertainment Company

June 22, 2015

After many delays and excuses I was finally provided with a copy of the above mentioned agreement with a transmittal letter from Mr. George Noe City Manager of Aurora dated July 31, 2013. The problem with this dated transmittal letter is I never received nor have I received the copy of Gaylord/Marriott. I did receive a copy of the Corporex agreement which was blank no information filled in the blanks.

It is my understanding Gaylord Entertainment Company withdrew as a participant in this agreement and a substitution has been made. The named individuals who signed this agreement as Gaylord Entertainment Company, as the CEO & Chairman are not properly identified with a proper signature block. Next the city signees are  Mr. Edward T. Tauer, he Mayor of Aurora, Colorado, Ms. Debra Johnson, City Clerk, and Michael J. Hyman, City Assistant Attorney. What I did receive was a Center Conference Lease where the blanks are not filled in between the City Of Aurora as lessee and Gaylord as Tenant.

The City of Aurora appears to be the sole owner/seller of the land to be developed by Gaylord and has owned the parcel for 50 years. It is my understanding any land or improved property to be offered for sale owned by the voters of City of Aurora must be voted approval by the citizens of Aurora.

This gives rise to first question that should be asked by the City Council on behalf of the citizens of Aurora: When was the vote for this parcel sale taken and recorded in the Clerk of Records office?

It would follow then if a vote has note been recorded, All the city officials not listed in these agreements are not empowered to continue Gaylord. The current City Council does not have any authority to continue approval of Gaylord without a full vote by the citizens of Aurora in 2015.

Within the body of the Gaylord agreement there is no mention of an addition of a 245 acre lake. Yet recent descriptions of the project seem to include a water park and lake. This gives rise to a second question that the City Council should be asking on behalf of the voters of Aurora: On what authority and who can grant authority to use  scarce and rationed water owned by the citizens of Aurora for a recreational lake and water park development?

Even if authority to create and obligate the citizens of Aurora and to waste water resources is authorized under law (highly doubtful), there is one over-riding question that should be asked by City Council representatives: What do we the tax payers get from this development?

My assessment of the lease agreement see very few tax benefits actually returned to the citizens from this project. The disadvantages appear to be numerous to whit:

1. We are obligated to give $404 millions from the future taxes to be derived from  the Gaylord development to help a Polish developer build and own Gaylord.

2. New employees to staff the Gaylord operation will come not from Aurora residents, but will be  trained employees  transferred from other operational Gaylord projects around the country.

3. Additional taxes generated by Gaylord will not come to the City of Aurora but will be a gift to Gaylord ownership.

4. Gaylord will create a slight increase  in population and tax base but this will be offset by the cost of increases in additional city services. We, the taxpayers, lose all round the claimed benefits that supposedly accrue from Gaylord.

It is clear that allowing the project to morph into a project that only benefits a Polish contracting firm and grants ownership and tax revenues is a travesty and fraud upon the citizens of Aurora. Further, the approval process that allows a tyrannical city authority to restrict use of water resources by the population at large and give them to a local water company to profit from bottling plant and a Polish Contractor to build a water park must be questioned brought to light and publicly denounced.

The current conspiracy of silence by City of Aurora officials and the City Council amounts acquiescence and approval. Unless they speak publicly against this boondoggle the citizens should recall them and or seek recompense under law.

Jim Burneson – 303-750-1500


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Re: Colorado Open Records Act (CORA)
April 30, 2015
James W. Burneson
11608 E Florida Ave
Aurora, CO

The following copies of records are requested to be made available for my review the originals provided at the Aurora Clerk of Records. During his review he may request identified pages to be copied which will be paid .25 cents per page.

No staff will be needed to be engaged in this review other than to provide the original documents. This is the third written unheeded request in direct violation of CORA.

The documents are to be in their completed form with all blanks filled in and all parties signatures included. Any amendments to these documents are also included in the CORA request.

1. Gaylord Hotel Project proposed built near the Denver Airport. All building descriptions are to be included with the contracts between owners and development companies of record. This request includes the water park of 245 acres.

2. Fitzsimons Hotel documents with owners of the land and agreement with City of Aurora. The sale contract of purchase of the land at the south east corner of Colfax Ave and Peoria from the owners of the land.  All details of development contract scheduled to be built at the South East corner of Colfax Ave and Peoria.

3. Documents and details of Niagara Bottling L.L.C. Gun Club Road contract of purchase and development with the City of Aurora. Included in the file that covers the contract of development and purchase of real estate for construction of the building improvements.

The business contract that covers all payments by Niagara Bottling Plant to City of Aurora for taxes, licenses and purchase of water used to fill bottles which are sold in the USA. Within this contract it will include what limitations of gallons of water will be allowed sold per month and year by City of Aurora to Niagara Bottling Company.

4. According an unnamed witness there has been over $600,000 paid to silence complaints directed against the Aurora Police Department. It has been reputed to be common practice by the Police Department to destroy any written complaints against officers. Since all complaints are submitted to the Police Department directly with no record of any complaints being filed with the Clerk of Records City of Aurora we believe these complaints simply disappear and thus no record of any complaints exist. Is this why Chief Oats quit the Aurora Police Department to work elsewhere in a smaller community. I want copies of all settlements issue to quiet complaints and require issuance of a settlement check as payment to a victim filing the complaint.

I am responsible for causing the Police Department of Aurora instituting written reports to record a complaint. I filed a complaint with the police and was told the complaint would be verbal and I would receive a decision within several weeks after the verbal complaint was received. I refused, and wrote the complaint, and filed it with the Police. I will continue this story as we proceed with this Open Records Request. The Police should have a copy of my complaint.

The City of Aurora has two weeks from this date to setup a meeting time at the Clerk of Records office for me to review all above original records requested by this Open Records Act.

Please respond to this request by letter or email within two weeks from the date of this request:


James W. Burneson (address listed above)

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In Behalf the Citizens of Aurora.

We believe that the Aurora City Council have wrongfully approved the Gaylord Hotel Project and Aurora Bottling Plant.  The citizens of Aurora must have priority rights to our water resources and reserves. Gaylord Project and other commercial business interests should only be served after the public needs are served and planned for with sufficient water reserves. Until the public is properly served without water rationing, any further development can and must be considered excessive development. 

It is long past time for the Aurora City Council to provide the public with an accurate accounting of water reserves and the true implications of the drought on commercial development. We also believe the council approved water bottling plant and the Gaylord project are prime examples of mismanaging our water resources. We are therefore demanding a public benefits analysis of the public value of both of these projects. What is the true cost of depletion of needed scarce resources vs. actual income of these projects to the public? 

We suggest that each Council Member study this linked article on the end outcome of a similar bottling boondoggle in Sacramento, California. Nestle bottling and local officials were disgraced by a near riot when protesters found that Nestle was entitled to an open-ended claim for what was reported to be at least 80,000,000 gallons of scarce Sacramento water resources. Read about this debacle at this link to an article in “Daily KOS” authored by Dan Bacher: 

Activists ‘shut down’ Nestlé water bottling plant in Sacramento 

We ask you further, to consider the effects continued support of these unwarranted projects might have on your City Of Aurora future tenure and retirement benefits. City Manager Noe has demonstrated his incompetence in approving these projects and your continuing support of them will ultimately see you following him and City Attorney Richardson to an early retirement in disgrace.

We recently received a rambling email from Molly Marker about a water projection request and she, as a Council member, could not provide even a semblance of an estimate. If Council member Marker can’t answer questions about water projections, we can assume that an analysis of Public benefits is not available.  Approval of these two projects without consideration of Public merit represents a near fraudulent exercise of your duties as council members.

Jim Burneson

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HOA Owner Advocates Position Brief: Mandatory Binding Arbitration

They are at it again this Legislative Session and we cannot figure out why. Stan Hrincevich, Colorado HOA Forum  LLC. has allied with the H.O.A. Information office to try to impose compulsory binding arbitration as a homeowner solution to settle homeowner disputes and contractor disputes again — after failing last Legislative session. It is our opinion that the only reason for advocating this settlement process is a possible alliance with contractor Interests and the C.A. I. to limit individual homeowner rights to access the courts for construction defects or governing Board malfeasance. This process would not provide a solution for the lack of enforcement provisions for owners and here are the reasons we believe this is so:

In behalf of our members, we must state that we believe state compulsory arbitration would adversely affect the rights of more than 800,000 H.O.A. homeowners in the State Of Colorado. It is our opinion that compulsory arbitration is not a remedy for the current lack of C.C.I.O.A. enforcement provisions and construction defects.

Adoption would forever put H.O.A. homeowners in a secondary – subservient position to their association governing boards and advising property management companies, deny access to the courts and the legal appeals process. Such a remedy would inhibit homeowner abilities to secure and protect rights they are entitled under the law.

Highlighted Disadvantages of Binding Arbitration

    • Parties waive their rights to a trial before a Judge or Jury.
    • Often there are concerns about impartiality.
    •  Unlike a court ruling, a binding arbitration award cannot be appealed-even if such appeal is supported by the facts of the case and the law. Courts will not hear appeals – virtually impossible to reverse a ruling.
    •  The costs of arbitration can be significant, in some cases, the cost of arbitration can exceed the cost of conventional litigation for the litigant. 
    • In this case, you would be forced by the State Colorado to accept a decision from an arbitrator you have little leverage in choosing and that, in our opinion, is not in any homeowners interest in a “free” society

We believe that it is immoral and unethical to place a binding arbitration clause in an adhesion (compulsory) governing document as imposed on an H.O.A, home purchaser as a requirement of ownership. The average H.O.A. home purchaser has little understanding of the full nature and substance of the Constitutional property and equal protection rights he is surrendering in accepting H.O.A. governing documents. Binding arbitration hampers his rights further. The process nearly always limits mutual discovery and document disclosure, leaves no written record of proceedings, limits awards and damages, does not provide injunctive relief (Court Orders are not available). In our opinion, compulsory arbitration renders the party seeking redress subservient to a trade association (Community Association Institute), Contractors, or H.O.A. lawyers due to the fact the homeowner has no history or ability to pick or weigh the historical biases of arbitrators.

In Summary, binding arbitration places association boards and property management companies in a superior position to their homeowners, it limits litigated discovery of association records, it limits awards and appeals, eliminates judicial review, keeps offending managers and boards off record and away from public scrutiny, requires lawyers for judges and arbitration, renders it impossible to track the bias of arbitration judges, and will keep costs high to limit board challenges. We leave it to you to decide why a so called homeowner advocate organization Like the Colorado H.O.A. Forum would advocate for a process that, in our opinion, would severely limit homeowner rights. Perhaps they will answer our concerns point by point.



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Letter to City Council of Aurora and City Manager Mr. Noe

September 29, 2014

Destruction of the Residential Market of Aurora Property by Gaylord.

In California there has been a two year drought. We can also can have adverse weather which could severely limit how much water we get a year. This year we have plenty of water, but may not always the case in the future.

I had an excellent meeting with George Baker, Director of the Water Dept.  He claimed he did not have information on the size of Gaylord Water Park Lake which means City Council has signed an open contract with Gaylord for unlimited water. Will the lake be 3 feet or 10 feet deep? This number must be known to estimate the amount of water to fill the lake and also how much additional water to add for summer evaporation.

If the size and depth of the proposed lake is not known it is not possible to calculate in the heat of the summer huge quantities of water will be scavenged through evaporation and use. This all would further limit the voter’s water storage that was to be used for three day watering of their residential landscaping. The residential values of our homes negatively affected.  If we are the only city that restricts residential water use to one, two, or three watering at night the house values will drop and you will feel the wrath of the public.  Forget politics in the future anywhere in Colorado.

The Citizens of Aurora are number (1) one in priority for our water for residential use. ALL OTHER users of our water are a lesser priority and must be prepared to take a reduction in their water use no matter what contract Ex City Attorney Richardson arranged in the Gaylord contract without Citizen Approval. This is how you get recalled – forgetting who you represent as a council member.

Finally, After Twenty Years of Prodding—A Police Review Board

I have been asking for a committee to review police complaints for 20 years, and my God, it just happened. I have applied for the Police Review Committee for which I should be selected  and approved because of interest, advocacy, and action in the past on this subject.

The next step is requiring all complaints from the public be registered with the City Records Office with a log in number. Otherwise complaints will continue to be lost as they disappear between the front desk of the Police Department and the Oversight Committee.  Hopefully this will reduce the $600,000 in payoffs to silence complaints against all City Of Aurora Departments.  This subject of past payments is not closed and will be opened for full public scrutiny  in spite of Attorney Richardson’s assurances to the Council.

Out With the Old Attorney – In With the New

At this point Mr. Richardson has done enough damage to the citizens of Aurora and must fully retired and denied his current $55.00 consulting fees. When are Council members going wake up and decide Aurora needs a new attorney with clean hands to begin honest reputable legal representation?

It’s now your turn to act and give the tax payers the representation they have deserved for the past 30 years. I am available for open meetings if you really want to learn what will best satisfy the voters.

James Burneson
Aurora, Colorado 80012





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Recall The Aurora City Council – Instead of Pay Raise




See Also My E-Mail To Aldo Svaldi at the Denver Post

For over 30 years the City of Aurora is not had a form of government that representative the true owners of the City known as the taxpayers.  It is now time major changes the city can begin the management for the benefit of the taxpayers.

 The following outline provides suggested changes that must be made to correct past management methods that the City Council and other staff members followed to the detriment of all taxpayers in Aurora.

 1.  A new city attorney must be appointed to replace Mr. Richardson, which cannot be the suggested City attorney Michael Hayman.  A new attorney with clean hands with no past experience or involvement with the past and present city staff of Aurora needs to be appointed, who can represent the taxpayers of Aurora.  Retired Mr. Richardson will continue to run the legal department of the City of Aurora from his living room through attorney Michael Hayman.  After over 30 years taxpayers deserve a city attorney to represent them and not an out of town developer with a 240 acre water park called Gaylord.

 2.  There is a project called Fitzsimmons Hotel needs to be canceled since the taxes raised for this project was not approved by the taxpayers.  In the contract between the city and the unnamed developers for this project it is improper that taxpayers are to pay for the construction of the parking structure and be named as the owner and then sell the building structure restricted to only allow the buyer being project owners of Fitzsimmons Hotel.  There is no stated price or method of pricing the parking structure which could be a dollar and a kiss.  Under the Open Public Records Act I request the names of developers of this project be publicly provided to the taxpayers of the City of Aurora.  Future developments of any consequence, requiring tax funds for construction, architectural or legal fees the developers involved must be named publicly for the taxpayers to know who they are which today is a secret.

 3. The Niagara Company was approved to build a bottling plant to bottle Aurora water and ship those containers anywhere in the United States for a profit.  In the event citizens of Aurora come under water restrictions due to a drought then this water container plant must also match the same water restrictions imposed on the citizens of Aurora.  This correction between the City of Aurora and the Niagara company must be completed for future protection Aurora citizens.  In the event this correction cannot be made the entire City Council must resign.   It’s called bring in empty boxes at your next Council meeting and load up your personal belongings. All of you need to resign and no City records are to be destroyed while you are leaving.  

 4.  The management of City of Aurora needs to be assigned to the 18th District Court of Arapahoe County until a new election can be held to replace all City Council members including the City Manager Mr. Noe. I also request that he be made available for me to review what is called pension plans for City Council and City Manager.

 5.  A new City Police Chief must be hired to replace Chief Oats.  The Aurora Police Department under Chief Oats on a regular basis destroys written complaints against the Aurora Police Department.  Chief Oats has been aware of this procedure for sometime and it needs to be stopped.

 6.  Because City of Aurora’s departments have the ability to quash complaints against them as a defense it is time that all complaints filed against any Department must be registered with the City Clerk with a login number and only then is a copy sent to the division or department the complaint is against.  Without this means of recording complaints by the City Clerk all complaints against the City of Aurora are worthless.  This problem has existed for years and City Council knew about it and took no action to correct it. This is another example of how City Council does not protect the citizens of Aurora but will fail in their duty as elected officials by protecting departments of City of Aurora.

7.  It is my understanding that a record over $600,000 is paid out by this City Council to mediate complaints by the public against the Aurora police force.  Under the Open Public Records Act. I want to review copies of all the settlements issue for the last 10 years by City Council past and present.  I will make copies of those documents as I see a need to have them.  I also want to know where in the minutes of past Council Meetings are there recorded votes to approve any of these settlements against the Police Department.  If the settlements have been paid without a recorded vote of City Council it’s another reason for all of you to resign.

8. I refuse to have a meeting with Dept. City Attorney Michael Hayman as I don’t need to hear Mr. Richardson’s opinion second hand.

9. I demand an accounting of all legal fees paid from tax payers’ funds to everyone that were involved in all the negotiations of the lawsuits defended and filed by the City of Aurora and Mr. Richardson. In truth most of these legal fees are pure thief of funds which may or may not have been approved by the City Council.

 10. The City Clerk must prevent any destruction of any files under her responsibility as City Clerk. No matter who orders it?  If records are removed from her Office she will be personally liable for allowing thief of City property.

 11. I have several letters with questions that have been sent to City Council, City Manager Noe and requests to meet with the Mayor. None of my questions have been answered by a phone call or emails from anyone mentioned. Now is the time to have a meeting with me to review all my written questions of past and all the matters reference above to be scheduled within the next two weeks.  Failure to meet will be a step closer to court for everyone.

  12. Just noticed an article buried in the Aurora Sentinel about Cit Council getting a raise. This has to be the joke of the year.  There is no raise in the future with the scandal coming for the blunders committed by the current council. It’s not a raise but a misprint which should read “recall of all members of council.”

 James Burneson
11608 E Florida Ave
Aurora, CO 80012
303 750 1500


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