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This blog has been established to tell my story to all home owners that live or are thinking about buying in an home owners association (H.O.A.). My ordeal started with a simple question about the motives and very secretive actions of my H.O.A. board  here in Aurora, Colorado.

That simple question started a long fifteen year battle with a dishonest home owner association board , a criminal and complicit management company, Western States Management Company, a lawyer board member,  that charged my own Association $30,000 in fees (partly paid by me) to put me in jail and try to take my home. It is a battle that is still being fought.

I have learned the hard way that justice is hard to find in a court system and state that offers no protection to home owners, unevenly enforces laws that have been diluted by management company and lawyer C.A.I. (Community Associations Institute) members lobbying our Colorado Legislature. Justice has been denied me by a court system saturated with lawyer-judge nepotism and collusion that resulted in a jail term for me for trying to protect my home and basic rights. The State of Colorado offers no oversight or licensing of H.O.A.’s or management companies. Basically, in Colorado, your H.O. A. board or management company can do just about anything they want— up to taking your house and just plain theft, with little fear of adverse results.

Along the way, I have learned a few things about home owner associations, H.O.A. lawyers, and H.O.A. management companies that should be of great interest to all home owners that are thinking of buying or those currently living in an H.O.A.

I currently offer limited free advice to those having problems with their Management Company or H.O.A. Board. See the link on the right.

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  1. Amber Ward says:

    Hi Jim,

    Many homeowners in my association are dealing with some similar stuff you dealt with. We are currently suing our HOA for several wrong doings. Our homes are not being upkept even slightly and special assessments have been charged about ever two years for up to $5k each time. Board members are in control of who is on the board and they manipulate the system to keep at least 3 out of 5 of thier friends on the board. Board members use our funds to upgrade the insides of their homes and who know where else the money is going. Based on your experience, do we have a chance in court? The case has now been moved from small claims to County court. We are hiring a lawyer but considering whether we should try to have it moved even further to District court. Do you have any advice?

    Amber Ward

    • admin says:

      I only just now opened your email and don’t know if your court hearing is still scheduled. Please send me an up date to my email address as follows: burneson1@gmail.com. I think I can help you if I am not too late. Jim Burneson

    • admin says:

      I regret having noticed your email at this late date. Please advise if you are still in litigation and did you elevate your claims to a higher court?

      Please send your reply to my email address burneson1@gmail.com

      Jim Burneson

    • admin says:

      Let me know if you are still in litigation? I may still be able to help you. Send your answer to burneson1@gmail.com

      Jim Burneson

    • admin says:

      I am sorry to only now have read your question about suing your HOA. I would not suggested a lawsuit will win you anything but legal fees. County courts are justice by ambush. District Court is a higher IQ. Problem Perjury is not enforced in our Civil Courts. Go to my chapter 45 to review why Perjury is not enforced.

      Jim Burneson

    • admin says:

      I just found your email about going to court and should you raise it to District Court. The date of your email is quite old and I may have missed answering it in time. I don’t believe any court will give justice below a District Court. Also Perjury is not enforced in any courts which means everyone can lie with no recourse. If you wish to give me the name of your HOA and who is your management company I might have some information that could help.

      Jim Burneson

    • admin says:

      What you describe is going on in all or at least many HOAs. Until the state licenses Property Managers it will continue to be a trap for HOA homeowners. Chapter 45 explains why perjury is not enforced in court and until it is enforced our courts do not protect HOA complaints. Please check my recent website where I offer advice upon request.

      Jim Burneson

  2. TamalaMSpeed says:

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