An Inexpensive Solution For Our Immigration Problem

20,000,000 Illegal Invading Mexicans and other Illegals can be returned to their respective countries paid for by the Mexican Peso or respective currencies within five years. Why can’t Congress easily solve the immigration problem without spending Billions of Dollars? The very survival of or nation is at stake and aggressive action must be taken. The solution is a simple one

I call this simple solution “The Burneson Plan”

All non-citizen Mexicans and other illegal foreign nationals as they are discovered should be mandated to be photographed and fingerprinted. Our local police, Border Patrol, or immigration authorities must be further required determine their legal status. If deemed illegal they must be required to be detained for one week, handcuffed together and delivered weekly to the Mexican or other respective embassies and consulates. They would also, during this process be put  in a open database, networked to all government and law enforcement agencies.

This perfectly legal since they are not citizens, are not protected by our laws, have no Constitutional rights. Foreign embassy grounds are not U.S. territory, but are the territory of the various countries. This is where these invaders belong, if they have over-stayed their visas.

The Mexican and other governments can’t turn their own citizens away and they can’t release them out the back door, since we have proof of their illegal existence before they are returned to the embassies and have recorded and identified them and put them in a open database, networked to all Government and law enforcement agencies.

The simple procedure can be done without more than a week in jail. No courts have jurisdiction and legal recourse does not exist or is it required. Democrat lawyers by law have no right to profit off of government or advocacy organizational funds to defend non-Citizens.

 Upon adoption, an order should be issued that within 90 days illegal Mexicans and other foreign nationals must return their country of origin to allow them to prepare for the move. After three months, if arrangements by Illegals are not made to return, or they have been improperly released by their embassy, when rearrested or discovered, the country of origin will incur $1,500 charge to the Mexican or other respective government for reimbursement for airfare to country of origin. This may be paid in U.S. Dollars, petroleum, gold, or assessed by a subtraction from foreign aid dollars.

There are millions of illegal’s on record we know about and the rest can be found quickly if the Democrats and organizations get out of the way of this effort unburden our economy and preserve our nation.

At the same time, we need to heavily publicize internationally that proof of citizenship must be required for all transfer payments by state and national funded welfare programs and emphasize strict sanctions issued for transgressing illegals or government officials.

A sizable number of police units and yes, National Guard units, must be stationed at all border crossings to confiscate all stolen cars, other goods, products, and U .S. Dollars in excess of $10,000 (drug money?),  from Illegal Mexicans, Canadians, and others trying to transport stolen goods into Mexico or Canada on their way out. Illegal and legal US Citizens and foreign nationals are crossing back into Mexico and Canada with millions of dollars of cars and other stolen products and no one is checking for ownership.

How dumb does Congress have to be to not develop a solution that doesn’t cost billions to solve????

If you like this proposal or have other suggestions; Send them to Send a copy of this email to friends and your Representatives in Congress.  This simple solution could be the least expensive method of deporting Mexicans and other illegal nationals who would be volunteering to leave at their own expense or their own governments expense. This approach should remove all illegals living here within 5 years. 

 Of course the first action needed by our government would be the construction of a wall along the Mexican border cost to be shared equally by both the US and Mexico, assuring the border is sealed.

Any elected officials who resist these suggestions must to be turned out of office. To make this work there must be costly fines and sanctions levied against the governments of origin, Illegal invaders in our country, and any US elected official who acts to countervail existing immigration laws.

James Burneson.

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