Featured: By Jim Burneson.

Aurora City Council Ethiopian Vacation Boondogle

City Council Of Aurora Trip To Ethiopia Paid For By Aurora Tax Payers

For No Benefit To The Voters.

A round trip airfare from Denver to  Addada Ababa Ethiopia according to American Airlines for one person $10,986.  This airfare for 10 out of 11 City Council members comes to $109,850.00 City Council has refused to provide the remaining costs for hotels, food, liquor and incidentals on unknown number of days of the trip.  So I will estimate these costs until the City Staff releases my demand for the actual costs under Open Records Act request,

Estimate Total 10 Council members cost of trip to Ethiopia
Hotel costs 5 days $120.00 per day for one person. $600.00
Food per Day Breakfast $20.00, Lunch $40.00, and Dinner $85.00
One person food cost times 5 days $725.00
Intercity transportation One person $20.00 X 5 days $100.00
Sub cost one person 5 days $1,425.00
Total costs 10 council members   $1,425.00 times 5 days = $7,125.00
Ten Council members Total $71,250.00
Plus 10 Council members airfare $109,850.00
Grand Total $181,100.00


What in the Hell did the Taxpayers get from this trip by City Council? Were they trying to open an immigration office to offer citizenship to Ethiopian citizens in Aurora?

I want answers from each member of City Council and from the City Manager Noe who should have stopped this trip. City Attorney Mike Hyman also must explain where he was when this trip was being planned.

Both City Attorney and City Manager needs to be fired and each persons pension plan cancelled. Each individual involved with this trip needs to personally reimburse the taxpayers of Aurora individual costs incurred for the trip.

If my estimates listed above are out of line then lets see a copy of the individual charges each council members’ submitted to the Treasurer for reimbursement.    Molly Marker is not to be reimbursed any costs for her trip (to guard used eye glasses) as an excuse for her returned trip to Ethiopia.

This scam pulled off   by Aurora City Council to Ethiopia is enough evidence to stop all construction of Gaylord, before Colorado tax money has been transferred to Poland.  A total audit of Gaylord construction payments to date must be identified to the penny by a CPA criminal audit exposed by the States Attorney General Ms. Coffman. No subcontractors that were involved in the past VA Hospital construction scam should be hired to be involved in any planned construction of Gaylord. City of Aurora doesn’t need another construction scandal like the VA Hospital triple costs that still isn’t resolved.  An immediate response is needed for the Citizens of Aurora and the Denver Post.

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